Our University Teachers 
Prof.Dr.Mehmet Yıldırım
(head of the dept.)
Prof.Dr.Vahide Baysal Akkaya 
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Ali Murat Ceyhan
Assist.Prof.Dr.İjlal Erturan
Research Assistants
Dr.Gonca Meriç Biçici
Dr.Sevim Terzi
Dr.Oya Oylum Kazanoğlu
Dr.Serap Kocabey Uzun
Dr.Gamze Yanpar

Department ofDermato-venereology

Our departmentwas established by Vahide Baysal in 1994. Since its establishmentour department trained 20 specialists and it consists of two professors, one associated professor, one assistant professor, five research assistants and three nurses. In addition tohealth care delivery ouracademic staff fulfills education activities and scientific researches successfully before and after graduation.Research assistants continue their education in the clinic, outpatient clinic and interventionunits with working rotations in certain periods and participating in theoretical courses.

Mission : Training doctor within the framework of the universal requirements  and ethical values  who has a  level of knowledge about dermatology, capable of in the best way in the diagnosis and treatment of dermatological diseases, wellcommunicate with patients and colleagues, following  innovations, opening continuous improvement, keeping human values in the foreground .

Vision:  Taking place among theleadingdermatology clinics in the presentation of dermatologyeducation, research andhealth care and contributing to dermatologyliterature with articlespublished in national and international high quality academically journal.

In Our Clinic:



Allergic skin conditions


Aladisease (vitiligo)

Hair loss

Nail diseases

Fungal diseases

Infectiousand inflammatory diseases of skin

Hand and foot sweating

Behçetdisease patients and skin cancers are diagnosed, treated and followed up by the experienced specialists.

Still in our unit, there are 13 beds in our inpatient clinic and 3 outpatient clinics examined above the 20 thousands patients are examined in a year, and 90-100 patients are examined daily under the supervision of the university lecturer.

Units in Our Department

Dermatoalergy Unit

Digital Dermatoscopy Unit

Dermatological Surgery Unit

Phototherapy Unit

Micology Unit

Dermatocosmetoloy Unit 

Specialists who have graduated from our clinic
Dr. Mehmet Yıldırım
Dr. Handan Alan
Dr. Şeniz Ergin
Dr. Meltem Şentürk
Dr. Çağnur Özcanlı
Dr. Demet Kesici
Dr. Hümeyra Tenekeci
Dr. İlkay İçke
Dr. A. Murat Ceyhan
Dr. İjlal Erturan
Dr. Yıldız Kılınç
Dr. Hicran Yetkin
Dr. Türkan Gönül
Dr. Nurhal Mercan Bozkurt
Dr. İpek Gürses
Dr. Sadık Yılmaz
Dr. Şeyma Güleçol
Dr. Ayşegül Altuntaş
Dr. Selma Karakoç
Dr. Didem Mullaaziz


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