Neurosurgery Department of Suleyman Demirel University began its academic program in 1994. In 2000, it was moved to the new hospital building in the campus of university, in Cunur and still continues provide service there.

In the department 12 fellowships had trained untill its establishment, and now there are: 1 associte professor, 2 assistant professors and 3 assistants as academic staff. 


Academic Staff:

Özgür İsmailoğlu,MD,Associate Prof.

Tamer Karaaslan, MD, Assistant Prof.

Nilgün Şenol, MD, Assistant Prof. (director of the department)

Vehbi Yürüker, MD.

Ümit Sinan Özdemir, MD.

İlker Alaca, MD.


Microsurgical operations were started in 2002. In the clinic there are 18 beds. Approximately 400 operations per year is being done, and approximately 5800 patients are seen in the policlinic.

Our staff of neurosurgeons offers an array of services for adult and pediatric patients. The department consists of neurooncological surgery, spinal surgery, cerebrovascular surgery, pediatric and congenital neurosurgery.         

Training time for the assistans is 6 years, and during this time they have rotations to the other departments; emergency (1 month), general surgery (1 month), anestesia and reanimation (1 month), neurology (2 months), plastic surgery (1 month), radiology (1 month). The assistants have 8 duties per month for each.   

During an academic year Wednesday meetings are held each week with the participation of the Neurosurgery, Neurology, and Radiology departments. Also every Wednesday training meetings and seminaries are carrying out for assistants.


Contact numbers:

Service: 2112526

Policlinics: 2119194-2119085

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