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Yrd. Doç. Dr. Pınar ASLAN KOŞAR
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Yrd. Doç. Dr. Pınar ASLAN KOŞAR
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Department of Medical Biology, founded by Professor Dr.Nurten ÖZÇELİK, conduct research in the field of education and  science that molecular biology, cell biology, molecular genetics and free radicals.
Since the establishment of the Medical Biology operates in a portion of a public hospital in the city center. İn1997-1998 academic year, Medical Biology served in Morphology Building.which renewed by restoration of the old Sümerbank street store.
İt was move Faculty of Medicine, Department of Basic Medical Sciences Morphology Building in the east campus when the portion of educational building is complete in April of 2002.
Department of Medical Biology, continues to work in research laboratories that cell culture / cell biology, molecular genetics / molecular biology and free radicals.
Department, provide theoretical and practical courses of the Medical Biology to students of Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Services Vocational School also Midwifery / Nursing Department.
Master/ Phd
Medical Biology master and phd programs is located under the Institute of Health Sciences.  Learning duration for master at least two years. During the first year 21 credits completed with that must be taken of two semesters of courses and elective courses, the thesis work is performed in the second year. For PhD, qualifying exam are entered into after completion of courses taken at least 24 credits during the four half-year. Experimental studies begin after the presentetion of  the thesis proposal. Courses in the period students also receive practical training in advanced laboratory techniques are acquainted with. İn the period of courses students also prosecute their practical training with laboratory techniques
Seminars are organized from students each semester covered by the the department's master / phd programs.
There have been conducted successfully DNA isolation, PCR, PCR / SSCP, RFLP, linkage analysis, cytogenetic analysis and free radical studies in the laboratories of the Department, which established by research projects infrastructure.
Factor-V- G1691A (Leiden) Mutation
IL-6 (-174 G/C) Polymorphism
Factor-V-H1299R Mutation
IL-6 (-573 G/C) Polymorphism
MTHFR-C677T Mutation
IL-8 (-251 A/T) Polymorphism
MTHFR-A1298C Mutation
IL-10 (-1082 G/A) Polymorphism
Protrombin-G20210A Mutation
IL-10 (-824 C/T) Polymorphism
Y Chromosome Microdeletion Analyse (20 region)
IL-10 (-627 G/A) Polymorphism
IL-1A (-889 C/T) Polymorphism
CCR2 (-64 V/I) Polymorphism
IL-1B (-551 T/C) Polymorphism
CCR5 (?32) Polymorphism
IL-1B (+3953 C/T) Polymorphism
RANTES (-28 C/G) Polymorphism
IL-1RA (Receptor Antagonist) Polymorphism
RANTES (-403 G/A) Polymorphism
IL-2 (-333 T/G) Polymorphism
MCP-1 (-2518 A/G) Polymorphism
IL-4 (-589 T/G) Polymorphism
Chromosome analyse from blood sample and GTG
IL-4RA (Receptor Alfa) (Q576R) Polymorphis
Chromosome and SCE Analyses from blood sample
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