Sports Medicine

Department of Sports Medicine

Suleyman  Demirel University Sports Medicine Department offers broad spectrum of alternatives to athletes for sports physilogy and performance enhancement. At the Department  of Sports Medicine, clinics and treatment services are provided. In our clinic, health exercise screening can be performed for patients who want to start exercise regularly. Measurements made for weight control and personalized exercise and weight loss programs are provided. Sports injuries like meniscal injuries, muscle, ligament and tendon injuries, ankle injuries can be treated in our department units. ESWT treatment can be applied to injuries like lateral epicondylitis, epin calcanei, and calcific tendinits. Pre-season tests are carried out for athletes and license visas can be approved.

Out Patient Clinic Services

General sports health assesments, pre-season evaluation for athletes and clinical evaluation for participitation in sports.

Diagnosing and treating sports injuries (muscle, tendon, meniscus, anterior cruciate ligament injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation of sports injuries)

Individual and team performance tests

Obesity follow-up and exercise prescription.

Laboratory Equipments

  • Isokinetic testing and treatment system, Cybex Humac Norm
  • Wingate Test  System, Bicycle and arm ergometers, Monark
  • Sprint Bike and Peak Bike, Monark 884E, 894E
  • Rowing Ergometer, Consept II
  • Bioempedansmeter, Tanita
  • Proffesional Treadmill, Star Trac Pro
  • Conconi and Shuttle run timer, Prosport
  • Heart rate monitors, Polar 810i
  • Metabolik Holter, SenseWear Armband

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