Academic staffs :

Professor Ramazan ÖZÇANKAYA

Associate professor Duru GÜNDOĞAR

Assistant professorİnci Meltem ATAY

Assistant professor Abdullah AKPINAR

Assistant professor Arif DEMİRDAŞ

Assistant professor KadirDEMİRCİ

Research Assistant Bilal TANRITANIR

Research Assistant Cafer Çağrı KORUCU

Research Assistant Gülin ÖZDAMAR ÜNAL

Research Assistant Ayşe Rümeysa YAMAN

Research Assistant Hasan BALABAN

Research Assistant Fatma KAPLAN BAŞAL

Research Assistant Havva SERT

Research Assistant Mehmet AKGÖNÜL

Research Assistant Ekrem DİDİN

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    Psychiatry is a branch of a science which studies disorders that disrupt human concordance and comfort and also behaviors because of biological, psychological and social factors as apartof the biopsychosocial  model.

    In accordance withthis purpose,our department carries out treatment, research and examination of psychiatric disorders.

    Mental illness is a cause and result of biologicaldiseases, relationship problems with micro and macrosocial environment, psychological problems, and any kind of crisis about universe signification in human life.

    With mental problems, human causes manysocial and economic costs and also gets troubles with himself and his environment.

    Therefore, psychiatry is a department that any people will apply at first, in case of any individual family, social and medical disorders.

    Stigmatization (call me lunatic etc.), is an illogical concern. Regrets are examples those belong to many people, whose lives go hell with similar worry, applies to psychiatry clinics after the fact.

    Our clinic has an orientation, that based on existentialist and integrativepsychiatricparadigm, as a result of Professor Ramazan ÖZCANKAYA’s clinical and scientific orientation in psychotherapy.

     Our department was establishedin 1993 by Professor Ramazan ÖZCANKAYA. Six academic staffs including one professor, one associate professor, four assistant professors have been studying. Professor Ramazan ÖZCANKAYA provides clinical treatment services in physical examination outside of the hospital, assistant and other/another training activities in our department.

    In our clinic, outpatient and inpatient treatments have been given together.

    Our department has kept going material- spiritual initiatives, that is in accordance with aiming at giving service and under the light of scientific understanding, dedicated to treatment of mental,psychological and social disorders and intolerable difficult situations prevented the dream of world state Turkey.


        In our inpatient and outpatient department:

    - Dementia (Alzheimer's disease etc.) and mental illness

    -  Alcohol and substance addiction

    -  Schizophrenia andother psychoticdisorders

   -  Mood disorders(depression, mania, etc.)

   -  Anxiety disorders

   - Somatoformdisorders

  -  Eating disorders (anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa)

  -  Sleep disorders

  -  Mental disordersin old age

  -  Personality disorders

  -  Sexualidentity andsexual dysfunction disorders

  -  Forensic psychiatricreports and diagnosis, treatment and follow-up are being available.


   There are 3 outpatient departments, 1 psychometry unit, and 12 inpatient departments.

   It is a clinic that serves to area, welcomes to applicants with family warmth, and aims peace and happiness of our patients without another thought and purpose and also can be presented like an island of peace in our region and hospital. Our team is waiting for you to share light and peace of mind.


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