Introductıon Brochure Of Ophthalmology


Head of Ophthalmology Department:Ass.Prof.MD.Özlem Tök

Academic Staff

Prof.MD.: Yavuz Kamil Bardak

Ass.Prof.MD. Özlem Tök

Ass.Prof.MD.Levent Tök

Ass.Prof.MD.Alime Güneş

Contact number: 0 246 211 91 94 

In our clinic diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmologic diseases (ocular, eyelids, and periorbital tissues) are managed by qualified academic staff.

İn our clinical staff there are one professor, three associate professors who have very special knowledge and experience on their own different ohthalmology fields, and five research assistants.


Ophthalmology Department Mission;

To be able to continue to respond the expectations in our hospital, based on patient satisfaction, with our adequate and qualified staff.


Ophthalmology Department Vision;

Our aim is to be the first place to come when patients need health care and where people prefer to work and to be the leader in the provision of modern health services.

In our clinic;

Retinal diseases,

Vitreoretinal surgery,


Uveal diseases,


Oculoplastic surgery,

Eyelid and lacrimal system surgery,


Corneal diseases,

Corneal transplant (keratoplasty),

Pediatric ophthalmology,

Retinopathy of Prematurity,

Contact lens application,

And diadnosis, treatment and following-up of opthalmologic diseases like cataract, keratoconus.

There are three general policilinics and retina, glaucoma, strabismus, cataract, pediatric ophthalmology, oculoplastic, cornea and contact lens units.

Our inpatient service have fifteen beds and  applications of surgical operations are possible in our operating room on five days in a week.

Average 15000 patients are examining per year.

Our ophthalmology policlinic serves in seventh perone.


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